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If you’re running low on space or need an area to store large RVs or boats, we have just what you need! At Airtight Storage, we offer outside storage and storage units for all your needs. With our storage areas throughout Utah, you’ll be able to find a convenient location for you.

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Our two storage facilities are located in Southern Utah, giving residents of the area two options for storing their belongings. We have a storage facility in Cedar City and Enoch, Utah.

Both locations offer dustproof, mouseproof, and waterproof storage units, so no matter which location you store with, you know you are getting the same quality service!

Airtight Storage in Cedar City, UT

Residents in the Cedar City area looking for storage near them can take advantage of our conveniently located facility in the area. Our Cedar City location offers great customer service, airtight storage units, and security.

In Cedar City, customers can store furniture and other belongings in our storage units for the best price in the area. All our storage units are shipping containers. These containers are secure and airtight, which keeps any mice or other pests from getting in. Our Cedar City location not only offers storage units, but outside storage as well, which is great for storing RVs, boats, campers, and ATVs during off-seasons!

“Prices are unbeatable for everything you get. No problems with mice or spiders. Security is outstanding. The containers are top quality. Best in town.”

Kacie V.

Airtight Mini Storage in Enoch, UT

Much like our Cedar City location, our Enoch location uses shipping containers as storage units. This means you’ll be getting the same quality security and barrier from dust and mice as you would at our location in Cedar City. We offer RV, camper, boat, and ATV outdoor storage at our Enoch location as well. No matter which location you choose to store at, you know you’ll be getting the same service at the best rates around!

“I highly recommend this place if you are looking to keep your belongings safe, clean of spiders & mice, and don’t want to worry about water damage ever. I need access 24/7 and that’s what I get here. Also, the staff is so easy to work with. We need more of them.”




Located in a mountainous region, Summit is a great city for hikes. If you’re an avid hiker, you might have lots of equipment you need to store when you’re not in the mountains. Our storage facilities give you a great place to store your equipment and any other belongings you might have. With 24/7 security, you’ll know all your items are safe in our self-storage facility.


Much like Summit, Parowan is situated near mountains. There are all sorts of outdoor activities you can do in the mountains. Whether you’re a hiker or enjoy biking, rock climbing, or camping, you’ll need somewhere to store all your outdoor equipment. That’s where we come in. Airtight Storage is the perfect place to rent a storage unit for all your equipment.


Paragonah is also located near mountains, making it a hub of outdoor activity. Additionally, if you’re a regular on the city’s equestrian trails, our storage facilities are the perfect place to store all your extra or seasonal equestrian gear.

Hamiltons Fort

Located in South-Central Utah, Hamiltons Fort is home to the Kolob Canyons. Whether you like to hike in the canyons or take an RV on a road trip throughout the area, Airtight Storage is the perfect place for you to store all your equipment and campers.


Much like Hamiltons Fort, Kanarraville is home to canyons and trails, including the Kanarra Creek Canyon Trail, La Verkin Creek Trail, and the Kanarraville Slot Canyon. Our two storage locations are perfect for you to store all your outdoor equipment, not to mention that with our 24/7 access, you’ll be able to access your storage unit at all times!


Newcastle is a great city to visit canyons and creeks, such as Taylor Creek. Outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers will find that our storage facilities are perfectly located for you to store all your outdoor activity equipment!


Located in northwestern Utah, Enterprise has a large rural farming community. Whether you need to store an RV, camper, boat, or ATV, or if you have run out of space for any farming equipment you may not use daily, Airtight Storage is here to help! With our key-code gate and 24/7 access to our facility, you’ll know that all your property is safe with us.


Airtight Storage is proud to serve the communities in Southern Utah. Our storage facilities are available to take care of your residential and commercial storage needs. Visit one of our two storage locations or reserve your storage solution online with us today! 

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