When it comes to your personal belongings, we make sure you’re getting storage safety and security at Airtight Storage in Cedar City. We choose to use shipping containers as opposed to the regular storage units you might find at other storage facilities. We make sure you have secure, dry, and clean storage, not to mention that our self-storage shipping containers all come at an affordable rate.


At Airtight Storage, we do things a little differently than most storage facilities. Instead of offering the typical storage unit with rolled-up doors, all our self-storage units are shipping containers. This is what makes us different from our competitors in the area.

When you rent one of our self-storage containers, you get an unbeatable price for a convenient storage space—not to mention that our shipping containers are airtight. Nothing will be getting in or out of your storage container unless you let it, which protects your valuables from any critters or bugs that regular storage facilities may have issues with. Airtight sealing protects against wind, rain, snow, dust, and everything else. Since we use shipping containers, all our self-storage containers are portable as well. You can store them at our secure facility or take them with you wherever you need them.

“Awesome people to work with and awesome storage containers!! They are simply the best!”



Self-storage containers are different from standard storage units because they provide an extra barrier of protection against the elements. Since shipping containers are airtight, you can trust that your belongings will be better protected in a shipping container than they would be in a typical storage unit.

Our shipping containers are also equipped with a lockbox for security. This makes it very difficult for an intruder to break in, whereas the locks on regular storage units tend to be exposed, making it easier for someone to break in and steal your valuables.

Shipping containers are also made out of a much thicker material than regular storage units. At Airtight Storage, all our self-storage containers are made from steel with a 14-gauge thickness, making it impossible to penetrate the walls of your container. The same can’t be said for regular storage units, which typically have thinner and less durable walls.


Choosing a self-storage facility for all your storage needs comes with many benefits. Not only does self-storage allow you to store your items at your convenience no matter the time of day, but they provide security, help you keep your home clean and organized, and are a better alternative than using an attic, basement, shed, or garage for storage.

Self-Storage Declutters Your Home

Homes can easily become overrun with knickknacks, furniture, and other personal belongings. When you realize that you need to free up some space in your home, self-storage is the perfect option for you to store any belongings you never or rarely use.

Storage Facilities Provide Protection

When you choose a self-storage facility over keeping your items in your home, you’re giving them an extra layer of protection. At Airtight Storage, we have extra security measures in place to keep your items safe.

Self-Storage Keeps Your Belongings in Good Shape

While there’s nothing wrong with using your attic, basement, shed, or garage for storage purposes, they aren’t always the best environment for storing items. Certain types of items may need to be stored at specific temperatures or in airtight containers. If your home can’t provide these conditions, your belongings may deteriorate over time. At Airtight Storage, we provide the perfect environment to safely store all your items so that they remain in their best shape.

Clear up Space by Storing Seasonal Items

Just like decluttering your home, self-storage can clear up storage space in your home. Let’s say you’ve been using that hall closet to store all your winter decorations when you should really be using it to store your linens. By renting a self-storage unit, you can clear out all your seasonal items, including decorations and seasonal activity equipment, giving you more space in your home to store the items that you regularly use.

Storage Facilities Come in Handy for Moves

If you’re planning a local move, self-storage is a great option to slowly empty your house as you pack. If you fill your storage container as you pack, it not only keeps your house clutter-free as you’re moving, but it makes getting everything to your new home easier.

“I chose to rent a container from AAA storage because I was sold on the promise NO MICE. They were able to get me set up right away and the staff has been so friendly and easy to work with. It is such a comfort to know that my treasures will stay just the way I left them because the airtight container not only keeps out the mice as promised it also keeps out all dust. It was convienent to be able to move my things in a hurry without having to wrap furniture to protect it. After   using AAA for several years I would never go anywhere else and I would recommend then to all my family and friends or anyone else.”

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What Can You Store at Airtight Storage?

At Airtight Storage, you can store the majority of your household or office items at our facility. We want to make everything as easy and convenient for you, but we also want to keep our facility safe. Here are some examples of what you can store in our containers:

  • Furniture, such as sofas, beds, tables, chairs, desks, dressers, and more
  • Artwork and home or office decor
  • Books, magazines, newspapers, and the like
  • Boxes, containers, totes, and other storage items
  • Electronics, including computers, laptops, and TVs
  • Sports and activity equipment
  • Toys, games, and more
  • Clothing, blankets, towels, and other linens and fabrics
  • Dishes, pots, pans, and other kitchen supplies

While you can store all this in our self-storage containers, many of these items require proper packing if you plan to store them for long periods. Be sure to prepare all your items before storing them so that your items will be in the same condition when you’re ready to use them again.


The next time you’re looking to rent a storage unit in Cedar City, be sure to come to us at Airtight Storage. Not only do we offer unbeatable rates for all our storage containers, but we offer safety and security that our competitors can’t top, making us the best storage facility in the area. With our friendly customer service, high-quality shipping containers, and great reputation, you’ll never want to trust any other storage facility besides us again. Contact us to rent out a self-storage container today! We can answer any questions you might have and go over more details about our shipping containers.

10ft Standard Container

Our ten-foot shipping containers are big enough to hold roughly a single bedroom apartment worth of items and boxes. Think of a ten-foot as a large walk-in closet, and it may give you a good idea of how much space you can fill.

20ft Standard Container

Able to fit a two-to-three bedroom apartment, our twenty-foot containers are a great option for someone looking for a temporary place to store items during a move. They are also excellent for storing anything that might take up space in your garage.

40ft Standard Container

As the largest of our containers, the forty-foot storage container can fit a four-to-five bedroom home’s worth of belongings inside. Renting these containers is simple, whether you have them delivered or secured within our storage facility in Cedar City.