10 Tips for Storing Electronics in a Storage Unit

If you’re planning on putting some of your electronics into storage, whether they be phones, computers, television, gaming consoles, laptops, or any other device, you’ll probably want to prepare your devices to be stored. This will help make sure they stay protected while in a storage unit and simplify packing them as well. Here are 10 tips to help you protect your electronics, while easily packing them for storage.

1. Backup Data

Before you pack up all your televisions, computers, and other electronics to put away in storage, go through any phone, tablets, laptops, or computers to back up any data you have stored on them. It’s not likely, especially if you’ve packed your devices with care, but if something were to happen to them during transport or while they are stored, having digital backups of the data on your device will ensure you don’t lose your data.

2. Put Them in the Original Box if Possible

Sometimes when you purchase a new electronic, you’re quick to throw away the box and packaging it came with. However, saving the original packaging and boxes can help you if you plan on putting your devices in storage. The original box is the perfect size for your device, and it more likely than not came with some sort of protective packaging on the inside to keep the device safe during transport. Putting your devices in their original boxes can also help you find them faster when you need to get to them in your storage unit.

3. Label Cords and Accessories

If you have any spare cords or accessories that go to your electronic devices, keep them organized and labeled. This way you’ll know exactly which cord goes to which device and what the purpose of the accessories is.

4. Keep Track of Pieces and Instructions

When you’re packing a device, try to keep track of the pieces and instructions that came with it. Often, technology comes with many different pieces and complex instructions. Without all the pieces or instructions, you may have no idea how to use your device when you go to find it in your storage unit. Keeping all the pieces and instructions with their original device will help you to stay organized and not lose any important pieces.

5. Clean Your Devices

Before putting your devices away, clean all the screens on your electronics. If you leave them with a little grime, it encourages a buildup while they’re sitting in storage. Making sure you clean them off before packing them away will help prevent any damage from occurring to them during storage.

6. Protect Them When Packing

If you’ve thrown away some of your devices’ original boxes and packaging, then you’ll want to purchase some protective supplies to pack your devices with, such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and plastic air pods. These will help to make sure your electronics are cushioned and that they can’t move around in the box during transport.

7. Label Everything without an Original Box

If you don’t have a device’s original box, then be sure the box you pack it in is clearly labeled so that you know exactly what is inside. If you’re placing several smaller electronic items into one larger box, be sure to label the larger box with everything you have put inside of it as well. Staying labeled and organized will make it easier for you when you need to find a specific electronic device.

8. Remove All Batteries from Devices

Never leave the batteries in any of your devices. This can cause them to leak and seep into your hardware, which can destroy your devices. Remove batteries in all cell phones, laptops, and anything else that has removable batteries. But keep the batteries stored near your devices so that you don’t lose them.

9. Make Sure Your Devices are in a Controlled Climate

While not everything you store may need to be climate controlled, you want to make sure your electronics are in a controlled climate. Heat or extreme cold can ruin electronics, which is why it’s important to find a storage facility that keeps their storage units cool or temperature-controlled, like Airtight Storage. At Airtight Storage, the shipping container storage units are kept at a cool temperature, which is ideal for electronics, but keep in mind that you cannot personally control the temperature of your unit.

10. Store Them Safely in Your Storage Unit

Lastly, be sure to store all your electronic devices in the back of your unit either on the floor or on shelving. This helps avoid any accidents from happening that could knock them over, while ensuring you don’t disrupt them with your coming and going from your unit. Never stack too much weight on top of them either. 

The next time you plan on putting your electronic devices into storage, be sure to follow these tips to properly prepare them to stay safe and in their best shape once they are being stored. If you’re looking for a great storage facility to rent from, Airtight Storage offers shipping container units that stay cool year-round. Call us today to rent out a unit or to ask us any questions you might have. 

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