4 Security Features You Should Look for in a Storage Facility

Whether it be to store some of your items to free up space, or because you are moving, renting a storage unit can be a great decision. If you’ve decided that it’s time to rent out one, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re choosing the right storage facility. 

There are many factors that go into choosing the right storage facility, such as location, price, unit sizes, accessibility, management, and more. But one of the most important factors to consider is the facility’s security. You’ll want the storage facility you choose to have excellent security, after all, you will be storing your valuables there. But if you’re unsure of what you need as far as security goes, here are four security features that you should look for in a storage facility: 

1. Gated Access

A great feature that a secure storage facility should have is not only gated access but being fenced in as well. When a facility is fenced in with gated access, this means that only employees and customers have access to it. Whether it be by a passcode or a security card, this allows the facility’s security team to know exactly who is coming and going. It keeps out anyone who doesn’t do business there too. This is considered a basic security feature, so if a storage facility doesn’t have gated access, it’s best to avoid it.

2. Video Surveillance

The next thing you want to look for in a storage facility is video cameras. In the event that something does go wrong at a storage facility, video surveillance can help the police with the incident. When a storage facility has video cameras throughout its property, it can also discourage any burglars from trying to break in. Much like gated access, video surveillance is a necessary safety feature you shouldn’t settle without.

3. 24-Hour Management

Another feature you should look for in storage security is 24-hour management. With 24-hour management, this means someone will be onsite at all times, which is another great way to deter thieves. It’s also helpful to those who rent our storage units, because if any problems arise, no matter the time of day or night, you know there is someone you can contact to help you.

4. Secure Lockboxes

Not all storage facilities offer the best locks for their storage units. Padlocks can easily be broken into, which is why you want to find a facility that uses secure lockboxes to keep your storage unit locked. With lockboxes, it’s extremely difficult to break into one, and impossible to do so with a hammer or bolt cutters. This means the only thing that will be able to open your storage unit is the key that you have.

Securely Store Your Belongings at Airtight Storage

If you’re looking for the best security for storage in Southern Utah, there is no better storage facility to turn to than us at Airtight Storage. We take the safety and security of our clients’ belongings seriously, which is why we offer all of the above security features. In addition to gated access, video surveillance, 24-hour management, and secure lockboxes, we also use shipping containers as our storage units. These are more strong and more durable than a standard storage unit, which gives extra protection to your belongings. When you’re ready to rent out a shipping container from us, contact us today or reserve yours online.

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