While people often talk about spring cleaning, autumn is also an excellent time of year to go through your home and garage. Many items you use in the summer aren't usable once the weather gets cold, so it makes sense to store these items away until next spring. Plus, you'll likely want to make more room for fall or winter activities, including all those holiday decorations.

A great way to store your summertime items is with secure storage at Airtight Storage. But, if you need help figuring out what to put away and what to keep near, here are some ideas.

Item 1: Camping Gear

Unless You're a super dedicated outdoors person, you're probably not going camping that often once it starts to snow. While tents, sleeping bags, and camping stoves might be helpful to have during the spring through early fall, you can set them aside for now. Then, when you need them again, they'll be ready in your affordable storage unit.

Item 2: ATVs, Jet Skis, and Boats

Similarly, any off-roading or other off-highway vehicles are tons of fun in the summer. While you can ride some of these in the spring or fall, you'll want to put them away when it starts to snow. This is typically the case for jet skis or boats. For these larger items, you'll want to store them somewhere secure and safe, such as in-vehicle storage units.

Item 3: Inflatable Pools and Pool Gear

Consider storing your pool time items if you need extra room in your garage or closet. Maybe you have a kiddie pool or one that's much bigger to help beat the heat. While these might not take up as much space as an ATV, they can still be in the way during the winter. Affordable storage units are a great option here.

Item 4: Summer Clothes

While most people have extra room for all their clothes, you may be running out of space if you're in a small apartment or home. If you struggle to make room for all your fall and winter jackets, you can store items like swimming suits and shorts in an indoor storage unit where they will be protected from the elements.

Item 5: Outdoor Games

Many games and sports are perfect for enjoying when it's warm, but you likely won't be jumping on the trampoline once it's icy outside. So, you can quickly put these items into storage for the autumn and winter. Anything that you tend to store in your garage but are running out of room for is a good option.

Make Storing Your Stuff Simple with Airtight Storage!

When you need to make extra room in your home, Airtight Storage provides the waterproof, dustproof, and mouse-proof facilities you need. We offer both outdoor and indoor storage facilities, so contact us today to reserve a spot in Cedar City.

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