5 Things You Should Do Before Storing Your Motorcycle

Summer is the best time to enjoy motorcycle rides—the cool breeze whipping through your hair as you drive down the open road without a care in the world. Summer is ending, and soon it will be too cold to ride your motorcycle; you want to be cool but not that kind of cool! It may be time to consider putting your bike in storage for the winter. 

Opting for indoor or outdoor storage rather than a garage for long-term storage ensures that your motorcycle will be protected from environmental and weather damage and rust-causing humidity. In a garage, there’s also the likelihood of scratches and bumps.

Here are five simple steps to ensure that your motorcycle is ready for storage.

Full Tank

Fill up the tank and run the bike for a few minutes before you put it away for the season. A tank that is not completely full can cause condensation that leads to rust. You might also want to invest in a fuel stabilizer, which keeps the gas from deteriorating.

Change the Fluids

Get your car serviced and the engine checked. Change the oil. The oil is often overlooked, even though it should be replaced every 5,000–8,000 miles. Fill up or replace all other fluids as well, such as coolant, anti-freeze, and brake fluid. After topping up everything, take the bike out for a ride so that all the new fluids have a chance to circulate. To prevent any moisture or rust, lube your clutch cables, throttle, kickstand, and shifter.

Remove the Battery

If a car or motorcycle battery is not charged for a long time, it’s likely to die. Extreme weather conditions can also cause the battery to crack and leak. Ensure this doesn’t happen by removing the battery from the motorcycle before you store it.

Prevent Flats

Fill your bike’s tires to maximum pressure before you put it in storage. The change in environment makes the tires lose pressure over time. If possible, remove the tires from the bike and store them separately or put your bike on a lift. Constant contact with the ground can cause what is known as “flat spotting.”

Cover It Up

Get a high-quality, breathable cover for your motorcycle. This will protect your bike from dust, dirt, and moisture. Do not try to use a tarp as a substitute for a proper cover because it can not only scratch the paint, but the humidity that will be trapped underneath will cause rust. Cover your bike even when you park it outside or in the garage. Motorcycles need protection from the heat because direct sunlight damages the paint.

Choose the Best Motorcycle Storage Company

Do your research, look at various companies, and read their reviews. See the security services they offer: things like a gated entrance, video cameras, and keypad access. At Airtight Storage, we have exactly what you are looking for! Contact us to store your motorcycle in one of our storage units or our outdoor storage area.

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