Musical instruments can be many things to many people. Some of them are unique works of art. Sometimes, they are a way to relieve stress and express yourself. Other times, they are part of your livelihood.

So, if you tend to store your musical instruments in a storage unit, you need to ensure they are kept safe and secure. Because musical instruments may be sensitive to changes in temperatures or humidity, it’s wise to take steps to protect them until you need them again.

Get five useful tips on storing musical instruments in this guide from Airtight Storage.

Tip 1: Use the Right Case

When it comes to storing musical instruments, you need to ensure they are in the right kind of case. Many instruments, like violins, guitars, flutes, and more, should have come with a case. However, if you don't have the original, find one that fits the instrument well.

The right case is designed to protect each individual instrument.

Tip 2: Keep Large Instruments Covered

While many kinds of instruments fit in a case, some do not. If you have a piano, for example, you’ll need a large storage unit, and you won’t be able to fit it into a box. Instead, you should get a large tarp to protect the instrument.

Tip 3: Clean the Instrument Beforehand

Depending on the type of instrument you have, the cleaning process will vary. However, you'll want to ensure the instrument is cleaned, polished, and dried before putting it into the storage container.

Here are some tips depending on the category of the instrument:

  • Woodwind: Place tissue paper between the pads. You should also remove reeds and mouthpieces.
  • Stringed: Make sure to loosen the strings and bows before storage.
  • Percussion: Consider loosening the skins on drums and covering them with a tarp.
  • Pianos: Wrap up the legs and pedals.

Tip 4: Store Smaller Instruments on Shelves

While part of a piano or drum may have to sit on the floor, it’s generally best to keep musical instruments off the ground. For smaller instruments, get some shelves to put in the storage unit and place the musical objects on these instead.

Tip 5: Check the Instruments Occasionally

While you don’t have to take out your instruments every month, you should probably check on them at least twice per year. This way, you can air them out and ensure they are in good condition.

Affordable, Secure Storage Options

No matter what kind of musical instrument you need to store, Airtight Storage offers many options for secure storage. We have a range of sizes and offer both outdoor storage and secure shipping containers.

Find out more about how we keep your belongings safe and protected by giving us a call today. You can also reach out to reserve your storage unit.

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