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Here at Airtight Storage, we pride ourselves on the security our storage containers give to our customers. The very purpose of an airtight container is to keep everything that would damage your personal belongings out. But insects are oddly persistent creatures. If given the chance, they can wreak havoc on cloth and wood kept inside the storage container. Even should spiders, moths, ants, and termites invade your storage, here are five tips you can follow to ensure your belongings are safe.

1.  Choose the Correct Containers

We recommend containers like plastic bins and plastic bags to keep your belongings organized inside your storage container or unit. Plastic bins are the best method of care for items that might become targets for insects, such as delicate papers and books, blankets, apparel, and pillows.

Resist relying on plastic bags and cardboard boxes, as these are breachable. Cardboard boxes are usually the most cost-effective method of storage, but be sure you follow step two if you decide to use them.

2.  Keep Your Items Above the Floor

Consider finding a way to keep your containers off of the floor of the container itself. This can be done with a row of shelves or a single layer of wooden pallets. Not only will this protect your belongings from any water leaks, but it will provide an impediment to any creepy-crawlies that enter. This can be applied to furniture as well, such as mattresses, couches, and tables.

You might also consider keeping the least damageable containers on the bottom row: plastic bins first, followed by cardboard boxes, then bags. Spare items that don’t store easily (such as frames, lamps, and tools) should also be kept from the storage floor. Even if these items look protected at the back of the container, insects can crawl through and find a way to damage them.

3.  Never Store Spoilable Food Inside

If you want to keep insects out, the last thing you want to do is give them a reason to enter! This is a rule we cannot stress enough. If you own your own business as a restaurant owner, a food truck cook, or a baker, we understand the ever-expanding need for storage for ingredients. But there are many reasons why even airtight storage is a bad place for storing food.

First, airtight doesn’t mean temperature-controlled. It gets pretty hot inside a steel container, even during fall and winter. Warmth increases the spoil rate of many perishable foods, which become even more tempting for bugs. Second, even if the perishable food is monitored and cycled regularly, even a hint of food inside will attract insects and make other nearby storage containers targets as well.

This rule also applies to food storage. Rice, beans, and sugar may last for years, but returning to find weevils in your flour and ants in your sugar means a lot of wasted food.

4.  Wrap Your Cloth and Furniture

Cloth is a big target for moths. For them, furniture like mattresses, couches, pillows, cotton and wool clothing, and even polyester are on the menu. Before securing anything inside your container, wrap up everything as tightly as you can in plastic bags or plastic wrap. Just like freight crews securing their loads before shipping, you can give your cloth belongings protection from moths.

5.  Check on Your Storage Regularly

Lastly, perhaps the best method to ensure your belongings are safe is to check on your storage occasionally. Even though storage is easily forgotten, don’t let a whole year pass before ensuring everything is in good shape. If every step has been followed, it won’t take much time out of your busy schedule to keep an eye open on your belongings.

Pest-free Storage

If you follow these five tips, you should be able to avoid most pests and troublesome insects. Check with your storage facility to see if there are other steps you can take to further prevent bugs in your unit or container. For incredible storage containers and reliable storage services, contact Airtight Storage today.

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