5 Tips to Safely Store Your Boat in the Winter

Few outdoor activities are more exciting than taking your watercraft out onto the waves during the summer. But when the winter rolls around, storing your boat should be a top priority to ensure your vehicle stays in top condition. Here are five tips to follow at the start of every off-season to protect your faithful vessel for the next year’s excursions.

1. Always Clean Your Boat Before Off-Season Storage

This may seem like a no-brainer; no one wants to start a new boating season with a filthy boat. When your sea-faring vacation ends, make it a habit to clean your boat from stem to stern. This includes tossing garbage and organizing loose boating accessories. With a mop and towels, scrub every surface down. Consider applying a layer of wax to the exterior to limit the possibility of moisture damage.

2. Disconnect the Battery

Just like a car, the battery inside your boat continues to output a change while the engine is off to ensure the ignition runs. During the four-to-six months that your boat will be in storage, disconnect the battery to ensure it maintains its charge during your time away. If you skip this step, the battery will be dead by the time you return. Worse, corrosion can occur to the battery contacts over time. Save yourself the headache and the cost of having to buy a new battery every season!

3. Flush the Engine and Change Your Oil

If an engine is left inoperative for a long time with gas and dirty oil inside, corrosion damage can cripple it and leave you with a hefty repair bill. If possible, drain any remaining fuel from your boat’s gas tank and change the oil to leave it in good working order. Purchase engine stabilizer and follow the instructions on the label.

4. Cover Your Boat

Even with a clean and waxed exterior, a boat cover is an absolute necessity for both long- and short-term watercraft storage. Not only will this keep any surfaces protected from rain and snow, but it will also eliminate the possibility of mold and mildew building up over the intervening months.

If your boat is small, strapping a tarp securely over the top may be sufficient. The best boat covers, however, are custom-fit covers that completely cover the tops, sides, and most of the underside for maximum protection. Nearly all boat manufacturers make covers for their boat models, making it easy to find the right protection for the off-season.

5. Select a Reliable Outdoor Storage Facility

Lastly, the best way to store a boat during the winter months is to choose a storage facility like Airtight Storage. Boats are large vehicles, and not everyone has the space in their driveway for their recreational vehicle. More importantly, boat theft is an unfortunate reality; the last thing you want to see is a vacant spot where your boat used to be!

Choose Airtight Storage For Boat Storage In Cedar City, Utah

Keeping your boat in good condition during the off-season is just as important as maintaining it during the busy season. It only takes five simple steps to make sure your boat is just as good coming out of storage as when going into it. Before you store your watercraft for the winter, clean it out, disconnect the battery, flush the engine, change the oil, and cover it up. For an even better experience, store your boat at a storage facility near you!

For the most secure and reliable boat storage in central Utah, check out Airtight Storage in Cedar City and Enoch, Utah. Featuring state-of-the-art, 24/7 security and affordable service, we can ease your mind about storing your watercraft over the winter. Contact us about our flexible storage contracts and availability today!

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