With spring almost here, you might have spring cleaning on your mind. This time of year is perfect for starting fresh by downsizing your home, whether you’re planning to move soon or just want a more organized space.

While downsizing can get overwhelming, did you know you can make the process easier with the use of a storage container? At Airtight Storage, we provide shipping containers maintained in our facility. With these shipping containers, you can downsize more easily. Here’s how:

Great for Seasonal Storage

Trying to downsize all of your holiday decorations? Whether they’re Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Valentine’s Day, a storage unit is an excellent place to keep all your decor and seasonal items.

You can store winter clothing, summer gear, and more in a convenient place until you need it again. While you probably don’t want to get rid of these items, you also don’t want them around all of the time either. So, you can cycle through seasonal belongings and decor easily.

A Place for Keepsakes

When you’re running out of space in your home but don’t want to get rid of precious belongings, a storage container is a good solution.

Whether you need a safe space for beloved keepsakes or other valuable items, you can keep them in a convenient place, without taking up that extra room in your home. While some belongings are too valuable or too fragile to keep in storage, you can easily keep furniture, collectibles, and more in a secure storage unit.

Store Items for a Move

Moving is a lot of work. Part of the process is sorting and packing your items. You can also use moving as a good reason to downsize, but you may find sorting through all your belongings is a challenge.

With a storage container, you’ll have somewhere to keep items out of the way as you downsize and begin to move.

Space for Family Members

If you have a family member or friend moving in with you, a storage container can help with this transition process, whether they are staying for a few months or for the long term. They can keep their extra items in the storage unit or you can keep some of your things away to make room for your new guest.

Find the Right Storage Solution

At Airtight Storage, we offer many different options for secure storage. We provide different sizes of containers, and we even have vehicle and trailer storage options.

If you’re looking to downsize, you can easily rent one of our storage units for all your organizing and moving needs. You’ll have 24/7 access to your unit, and our shipping containers are made to withstand all kinds of weather.

Find out more about storage solutions by calling today to get a quote!

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