Storage units provide versatile, convenient storage for everyone. Whether you’re looking to store items between a move or need extra space for business inventory, shipping containers are excellent options for storage, as they are affordable and secure.

When you’re storing items, you might think about keeping your belongings clean, but what about keeping the storage unit clean? Most storage units need a bit of upkeep on occasion to keep them looking good.

Upon first renting a storage container from Airtight Storage, you can expect a clean unit. But, if you rent over a longer period of time, it’s worth cleaning every once in a while to keep things looking great. Here are some useful tips to help you clean your storage container.

Air Out the Storage Unit

Has it been a while since you’ve checked out your storage container? If so, it’s probably a good idea to air it out. Moisture can build up inside the unit over time, so this is an easy thing you can do to let the space breathe.

Bring Cleaning Supplies from Home

It’s easiest to bring some cleaning supplies from your own place. You don’t need anything too fancy to clean up a storage unit or shipping container. Just get the basics.

Start with a broom and dustpan. Then, get some rags and a bucket you can fill with water. You don’t need strong cleaners either. Some dish soap and vinegar will work great!

Wipe Down the Outsides of the Unit

You can start the cleaning process by wiping down the outside walls and doors. These can get much dirtier more quickly than the inside because they are exposed to more elements.

Use your rags and water to wash everything down and remove dirt and grime. You may need to refill the water bucket a few times to keep the water from getting too dirty.

Take Out & Clean Off Your Belongings

If you want to do a deep clean, you should remove all of your items from the shipping container. For this, you’ll want to bring a tarp with you. From there, you can dust or wipe down your belongings, too.

However, if you’re not looking to do that deep of a clean, you can skip this step.

Sweep Up Dirt or Debris

Finally, ensure you sweep up any dirt from the floors. You can either sweep around your items or remove them entirely. If anything is dusty in the unit, you can sweep or dust it, including the interior wall and doors.

Get a Secure Storage Unit Today!

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