A storage container is a great way to protect your items from the elements and keep them safe and secure. However, it's not uncommon for rodents like mice and rats to find their way into containers, causing damage to stored items and potentially spreading disease. To keep these unwanted pests out, it's important to take preventative measures and be vigilant in monitoring for signs of infestation.

Following these simple tips will help you keep mice and other rodents out of your storage container and protect your valuable items.

Inspect Your Storage Container Beforehand

Before storing items in your container, take the time to thoroughly inspect it for any signs of previous rodent infestation. Look for droppings, gnaw marks, or holes, and seal up any openings or cracks. This will help prevent rodents from finding their way into your container in the first place.

Don’t Store Food or Perishables Inside

One of the most important rules of storage units and containers is that you should not store food or perishable items. In addition to the risk of mold, bacteria, and unpleasant odors, rodents are attracted to food and will be much more likely to try and find their way inside your storage container. This category of perishable items includes food items as well as items like pet food, birdseed, and cooking oils.

Raise Items Off the Ground

Mice and other rodents like to nest in dark, out-of-the-way places, so raising items off the ground can make it more difficult for them to access your stored items. Use pallets or sturdy shelves to keep items elevated, and clear out any debris or clutter that could provide nesting spots. Raising your belongings slightly off the ground will also reduce the risk of water damage in case of a leak or flood.

Keep Items in Airtight, Plastic Containers

Another way to protect your stored items is to keep them in airtight, plastic containers. This will make it more difficult for rodents to access your items and chew through packaging. Mice and rats see cardboard as a tasty treat, so it can actually attract rodents to your storage unit in addition to making it easier for them to get into your belongings.

Keep Mattresses and Upholstery Covered

Mattresses and upholstered furniture are particularly vulnerable to rodent damage, so it's important to keep them covered when in storage. Use a heavy-duty tarp, get a plastic cover for this purpose, or tightly surround fabric with plastic wrap to protect these items from being gnawed on or nested in by mice.

Choose an Airtight Shipping Container

Choosing a shipping container that is airtight will make it more difficult for rodents to find their way in. Look for containers that have tight-fitting doors and seals and that are wind and watertight. At Airtight Storage, all of our storage units are made of thick, durable steel that is airtight, waterproof, and secure.

Check On Your Storage Container Often

Finally, it's important to be vigilant in monitoring your container for signs of rodent infestation. Check on your container regularly, and take immediate action if you find any evidence of rodents or damage.

Utah Storage Solutions

At Airtight Storage, we take extra care to provide a safe, pest-free environment that can give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your belongings. With locations in Cedar City and Enoch, Airtight Storage provides storage containers for customers across the state of Utah. We are also the area’s premier spot for outdoor storage for your boat, ATV, or RV. Our facility is protected by 24/7 video surveillance, a key-code entry gate, tall barbed wire fences, and an on-site property manager to protect your belongings and vehicles from damage or theft.

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