How to Store for Moving Abroad

These days, our world is more connected than ever, and many families and individuals find themselves with opportunities to make an international move and live in another country for a time. This could be because of military service, university studies, study abroads, a job posting, gap year, long-term travel, or other reasons. Regardless of what takes you to another country, living abroad is often an excellent opportunity to see the world, experience a new culture, and collect a lot of interesting stories to tell.

However, moving abroad is a logistical challenge, and you may find yourself wondering what you should do with all your belongings while you’re away. In these situations, a storage container is a great, low-cost solution for keeping your belongings safe until you return.

Storage for International Moves

No matter where you’re moving to or for how long, storage units and containers can be a helpful storage solution for your possessions. For short periods, you might keep your belongings with friends or family, but if you have a large number of items or will be gone longer than a few months, taking up space in their homes is probably not the best option. 

With a storage container, you can be assured of the safety and security of your belongings, especially if you choose a storage facility with state-of-the-art security measures like Airtight Storage. Storage units and containers can also be cost-effective. With a wide variety of contract options available, there’s an affordable storage solution for every timeframe. If it allows you to move out of your apartment or rent out your home in the meantime, you can even save more money. 

Moving Your Belongings into Storage

Getting your belongings into a storage unit before you fly to your new home can be a significant undertaking, but taking the time to do a thorough clean-out can make it easier. Go through each of your items before you move. Make sure it’s something you really want to keep and if it should be taken with you, moved into storage, sold, donated, or thrown away. This process will help you pare down your possessions and make sure you’re not taking up space with—and spending money on—things you don’t need.

What Not to Store While Abroad

Trying to decide what you want to store while you’re abroad can be difficult. We’ve come up with a list to help you determine what to keep in storage and what to take with you.

  1. Perishables. With any storage unit, you should avoid storing anything that can go bad. You do not want anything that could rot, grow mold, or otherwise go bad in the space.
  2. Electronics. While it may be tempting, it’s sometimes not worth it to keep your electronics (think a TV or stereo) while you’re living internationally simply because of how quickly technology improves. By the time you get back, your TV may be obsolete.
  3. Home decor. Unless an item has sentimental value or is particularly special to you, you may not want to keep all of your home decor since it’s easily replaceable and often changes with the trends. Odds are, you’ll be picking up some more unique pieces on your travels anyway!

Southern Utah Storage Solutions for Moving Abroad

If you’re moving internationally, Airtight Storage is your #1 spot for storage in Southern Utah. With convenient locations in Cedar City and Enoch, our storage facilities are dustproof, waterproof, pestproof, and feature top-of-the-line security considerations including 24-hour surveillance, secure lockboxes, and more. Contact us today to learn more.

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