How to Store Your Clothes in a Storage Unit

When it’s time to put away seasonal clothing until next year or even for several years, many people don’t know the right way to pack and store clothes, resulting in clothes that don’t last as long as they should. No matter how long you plan to store your clothes in a storage unit, follow these simple steps, and your clothes will be protected while in storage and in pristine condition when it’s time to use them again.

Clean Them

This may mean washing what can be washed and dry cleaning what can’t. Make sure to thoroughly dry everything before you put it away. When we say everything, we really mean EVERYTHING! Even clothes that look clean to you should be washed. Old perfume, sweat, or food stains can cause mildew and stink in clothes that aren’t properly cleaned before being stored.

Get Sturdy, Plastic Boxes

You may be tempted to use plastic bags or cardboard boxes to store your clothes, but plastic bags are non-breathable and can trap moisture, while cardboard boxes can sustain water damage and break apart. Plastic boxes that can be shut tight will protect your clothes from dust, moisture, rodents, and insects. 

Make a Master List

Divide your clothes into categories like sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts, leather jackets, and corduroy. Make a master list of all your clothes and the categories. Place each category in separate boxes and label boxes with what they contain. This will make it easy for you when it’s time to take everything out again.

Keep Bugs Away

If you want an option other than mothballs, cedar chips work just as well and smell a lot better. They’re also not harmful to the environment or your clothes. Place cedar chips in a porous bag and place one or two bags in each box.

Never Vacuum Pack

Vacuum packing is a good way to create space, especially for bulky items, but it’s a terrible idea for long-term storage. Vacuum packing can cause permanent wrinkles in your clothes, not to mention the plastic does not allow for ventilation, making it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mildew.

Tuck Them in a Dry, Dark, and Cool Place

Direct sunlight can fade the bright colors of clothes. Clothes should always be stored in a cool, dry, and dark place. Temperature-controlled storage units can be perfect for storing clothes because the environment’s humidity and temperature can be adjusted.

Store Your Clothing

Storing your clothing is convenient and easy when you know the best ways to do it. Clean your clothes, put them in plastic boxes with cedar chips, then make a list of what goes where. Then you can store them in a cool place without the stress of sun damage or bugs. Be sure to find a reliable storage facility to store your clothes. For long-term storage of clothes, Airtight Storage units are the perfect solution! Get in touch with us today for details.

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