Managing Inventory with Help from Storage Containers

Have you found success as a business owner and need a bit more space to help you expand your operations? Or maybe your company has come out with a brand-new product and requires a storage unit to help maintain inventory? No matter your circumstance, Airtight Storage is here to help your business grow. Our airtight containers offer some of the best protection in the storage industry. And with a little planning, you can use your building’s limited floor space for the real work while our containers protect your goods. Here are several tips to help you utilize your storage container for your business inventory.

Keep Everything Well-Organized

Time is money, and that has never been more true than it is today. With the speed of digital vendors, your customers expect their purchases to be on their doorstep as fast as possible. This means there’s no time to be disorganized!

There are many ways to keep everything on the shelf easy to access. We recommend keeping items of the same type together and clearly marking your shelves and boxes. For example, if you sell printed t-shirts, keep individual colors together. You can organize them by size, but even if you have a lot of extra-large shirts, you may scramble trying to locate the right color. In fact, take it one step further: give yourself the space on your shelves for individual sizes and colors.

Utilize Business Inventory Software

Many different software packages can help you keep track of your available inventory. And just because your inventory is in an external storage container doesn’t mean you have to lose any efficiency. Programs like Lightspeed and Cashier Live not only track sales prices and sales but are also designed to give you up-to-date information. When you store a piece of inventory in our containers, add a note that gives its location. You can even make it incredibly specific, with designations such as “Container #, Shelf #, Box #”.

Most inventory systems have connectivity with cell phones, tablets, and laptops that make it easy to monitor inventory on the go. You and your employees will be glad when the job is simple!

Plan for Continual Sales

Whether you provide your customers a physical storefront or ship all of your orders, the last thing you ever want is to run out of inventory during the day. You might even have days when you need to access your storage at an inopportune moment. When you work with a storage facility, get to know the onsite manager and ask for details that will help you run your business without interruptions.

Store Your Inventory with Airtight Storage

Our business is called Airtight Storage for a reason. In addition to excellent security, all our shipping containers are specifically designed to keep out moisture, insects, and anything else that would try to break inside.

Month-to-month unit leasing makes it easy to stay flexible with your storage. And speaking of flexibility, we can provide the right number of storage containers that you need for your business. Keep your inventory in a single container or split many sets of items between several containers to keep everything organized. If you have any questions about how we can help you manage your inventory, contact us today

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