Having an extra car, an RV, boat, or any other recreational vehicle can be helpful, but you may have times when you need more space to store them. In Southern Utah especially, you might have ATVs, boats, or RVs that are used during certain times of the year but not during others.

Finding a secure facility to store your vehicle makes excellent sense when you need extra space around your property. However, you want to ensure the storage facility is reliable and meets your needs.

To help you find the right storage facility for your vehicle, Airtight Storage has put together this list of tips. Let's get started.

Tip 1: Consider the Location

When you're storing a vehicle, you want to have easy access to it. So, the location of the storage facility makes a big difference. If you have to drive an hour to get to your recreational vehicle or boat, you likely won't use it as often. It's more practical to store these things close to your home.

Tip 2: Ask About Security

The location of the outdoor storage matters, but security is even more critical. You want to trust that your vehicle will be kept safe and secure 24/7. When you start looking at various storage facilities, be sure to ask them all about their security protocols. Do they have security guards around? Do they use video monitoring? Get the entire run-down on the security setup and ensure you feel comfortable with the level of protection.

Tip 3: Look into the Price

Location and security are essential, but you must also consider your budget. While storing your vehicle somewhere will cost some money, you want to go with a company that offers reasonable rates. Always ask the business about their plans and consider comparing the prices to other companies in the area.

Tip 4: Check Out the Cleanliness of the Facility

Even if you're going with outdoor storage, you want the property to be clean and maintained. A company that doesn't keep its storage facilities in good condition isn't a good sign. This means they are less likely to take good care of your vehicle while it's under their supervision.

Reliable, Safe Vehicle Storage In Cedar City

When selecting a storage facility for your vehicle, always consider affordability, accessibility, and security. At Airtight Storage, we provide all three of these elements and commit to keeping your vehicle safe. From RVs to motorcycles and boats, we offer outdoor storage in convenient locations at good prices. Call us today to learn more or to reserve a spot.

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