Storing rugs and carpets can be tricky, as these items are delicate and can be damaged easily if not stored properly. Storage containers are a great solution for keeping your rugs and carpets safe and protected while they’re not being used, however, it’s important to take the right steps to ensure they are stored correctly.

Following these tips and guidelines for storing rugs and carpets in a storage container will help ensure that your rugs and carpets will come out of storage in the same condition as when you put them in.

Ensure Your Rug is Thoroughly Cleaned Beforehand

Before storing your rug in a storage container, it's important to ensure that it is thoroughly cleaned, as any dirt or stains that are left on the rug can attract pests and cause damage over time. Make sure to vacuum and spot clean your rug, and consider getting it professionally cleaned if necessary. Allow the carpet to dry completely before rolling it up and placing it in storage, as even a small amount of remaining moisture can cause mold growth.

Protect Your Rug from Insects and Pests

Rugs are attractive to insects and pests, and these pests can easily infest a rug or carpet if the circumstances are right. To prevent pests from damaging your rug, consider using mothballs, cedar chips, or an insect and moth deterrent made for rugs to keep them away. Be sure to keep the storage container itself clean as well, since pests can be attracted to any food or debris left inside.

Tightly Roll Up Your Rug

When you store your rug, it's important to roll it up tightly. This will prevent creasing and warping, and also make it take up less space in the storage container. Be sure to roll it with the pile (top of the rug) facing outwards, and avoid over-tightening or stretching the rug as you roll it.

Wrap Your Rug in Plastic or a Storage Bag

Wrapping your rug in a storage bag will protect it from dust, dirt, moisture, and other environmental factors. This is especially important if you're storing your rug for an extended period of time. Opt for breathable fabrics like muslin or a cotton sheet, as plastic traps air and moisture inside.

Check Your Rug Periodically for Damage

Even if you've taken all the proper precautions, it's important to periodically check on your rug to make sure it's still in good condition. Check for any signs of damage such as pests, mildew or mold, and take action immediately if you notice any issues.

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