Looking forward to pumpkin-flavored drinks, apple-scented candles, and bright colorful leaves? Autumn is a time of year many people love. After all, the weather starts to cool down, and there are many fall festivities to enjoy.

While you may be excited for Halloween or hayrides, fall is actually a great time to move, downsize, or organize. A storage unit can be a great tool to make your fall plans and activities go that much smoother.

Read this guide from Airtight Storage to learn why storage units are a great option for fall.

Reason 1: Store Summer Items

While summer is great for sports and water activities, fall is the time to put up pumpkins and plan for more relaxed days. If you have any summer-related hobbies and items, you can easily store them in a unit.

This way, all your summer objects are safe and secure, but they don’t have to take up space in your home or around your yard. You’ll free up extra storage on your property, but it’s easy to go pick up your summer items anytime you need them.

Reason 2: Prep for the Holidays

After summer ends, there are many holidays on the horizon. The last few months of the year tend to go by quickly, and there are many holidays to decorate for, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukkah.

With extra storage space from your secure unit, you can keep holiday boxes stored off-site. You can also store other year-round or summer decorations in the unit to make room for all that holiday decor.

Reason 3: Plan an Off-Season Move

Did you know that fall is an excellent time to move? Whether you're moving cross country or just down the street, fall isn’t as busy, so you can find better deals on moving services.

It’s also an excellent time for moving because the weather isn’t as hot, but it hasn't started to snow yet.

What to Store for the Fall Season

Need some ideas of what to store in your storage unit for the fall season? Here are some common items that people keep in storage units during autumn:

  • Grills and grilling equipment
  • Patio furniture
  • Boating activities and life jackets
  • Summertime decorations
  • Summer clothing
  • Pool and water activities, including slip n’ slides and inflatable pools
  • Anything you don't need in the fall or winter!

Learn More About Secure, Affordable Storage Options!

Ready to clear out some space in your home or plan to move to a new place this fall? No matter what you need a storage unit, Airtight Storage has the options you need in Southern Utah. Our storage solutions are secure and safe. We also provide a wide array of sizes and options.

Give us a call today to request a quote or learn more about storage options, including vehicle storage.

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