Are you planning a move soon or just looking to store some extra furniture that you don’t currently need? A storage container at Airtight Storage is an excellent way to keep your furniture and other belongings safe and organized.

When keeping furniture in storage containers, it’s important to follow a few tips to keep them clean, safe, and accessible. Here are five tips from our storage team on how to correctly store furniture long-term.

Tip 1: Clean Your Furniture

Before you put furniture or any item into storage, you want to make sure everything is clean. Start by dusting and wiping down items. You may also want to treat wooden furniture to ensure it’s sealed and in good condition. You can also use metal cleaner on any metal items.

Then, you can sweep or clean up the storage container itself if it’s looking a little dusty or in need of sprucing up.

Tip 2: Disassemble What You Can

While many furniture items can't be disassembled, others can. Anything that you can store in sections will free up space and be easier to keep safe and clean. After disassembling, keep any screws, nails, etc. in a labeled bag. While disassembling furniture is sometimes a pain, it’s worth it to store items securely.

You can even do some basic things like store couch cushions in bins or bags.

Tip 3: Keep Items Off the Floor

While storage containers are pretty secure against the elements, you can further protect furniture by getting a tarp or rug to place on the floor of the unit. This just adds an extra layer of protection against dirt and humidity.

Tip 4: Wrap and Protect Belongings

The more you can protect your items, the better. You want to secure everything as you transport it to the storage container, and you also want to keep furniture from rubbing against the walls or other items.

You can use large blankets, sheets, or moving blankets. You’ll want to be extra sure to wrap and protect more fragile items like mirrors.

Tip 5: Don’t Cram Things in too Tightly

When you put too many things in your storage container, it can cause problems. The items are more likely to scratch and rub together, which can cause damage. It’s also good to allow for some airflow in the space and have space to access your belongings easily.

Secure Storage in Utah

When you need a place to keep furniture and other large items, reach out to Airtight Storage. We provide shipping containers converted into storage units that are secure against the elements and kept in our safe facility. You can access your unit 24/7, and we also provide vehicle and trailer storage options.

Give us a call today to learn more or to rent a storage container!

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