Downsizing can be a very rewarding process. You can free up extra space in your home or apartment so you can enjoy where you live even more. Or, if you're planning to move to a slightly smaller place, downsizing means you won't have to try and fit everything in with little luck.

However, when downsizing, you may have items that don't fit in your home that you don't want to get rid of yet. Perhaps you have keepsakes, furniture, or seasonal items that you want to have but that you don't use very often. In these cases, a storage unit is a great option. Learn how to downsize with the help of a storage container, and reach out to Airtight Storage for more advice.

Step 1: Sort Through All Your Stuff

Before you decide how many things to get rid of and what you can keep, you'll want to take inventory of everything you have. It's often the most effective to go from room to room and sort everything.

As you go through every room, choose what you want to keep, what you want to donate, what you want to trash, and what you want to store.

Step 2: Pack Your Belongings Effectively

Be sure to pack everything logically to help utilize the space. If you pack your items well, you'll end up with a lot more space in the boxes, which means more space where you live. Be sure to also use protective material to keep valuables and breakables secure.

If packing isn't your forte, enlist help from others in your life who have this skill.

Step 3: Consider Donations

One way to downsize while doing something good is to donate unwanted items. Of course, you'll want to be somewhat selective. Don't donate broken or dirty things, but you likely have many items you don't use anymore that are still in good condition. For these items, look into donating directly to people in your community or to thrift stores.

Step 4: Choose Your Storage Unit

Finally, it's time to pick a storage facility to store what you want to keep but don't want to store inside your living space. You'll want to decide if you prefer self-storage kept on your own property or a secure storage unit at a facility. There's no right or wrong answer. You just need to choose what works best for your situation.

Waterproof, Safe Storage in Cedar City

Need to store items for a move or downsize? Airtight Storage in Cedar City provides waterproof, dustproof, and mouse-proof storage units. So, whether you're storing holiday decorations, sports gear, furniture, or even vehicles, give us a call today to get started.

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