Summertime might be over, but there’s no need to be sad. While summer is often full of fun activities and adventure, fall brings relief, and many exciting holidays and festivities.

But transitioning your home or business from summer to fall and winter can take some effort. You’ll likely want to make extra space for holiday decorations and winter clothing, and one excellent way to do this is to store your summer-specific belongings in a self-storage container.

If you want to make this process as simple as possible, just follow these tips from Airtight Storage on how to store summer items.

Sort Everything

Before putting your summer items in storage, it’s wise to sort through everything you want to put away. Gather all of these belongings and put them into three main piles:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Toss

Putting items into storage is an excellent time to downsize, so be selective about what you actually use. Getting rid of excess belongings can be a relief.

Clean Items

Before putting the summer items into a storage unit or other storage solution, you’ll want to ensure they are clean. Summer clothing should be washed and dried before putting it in a storage unit.

Other items, like lifejackets, sporting equipment, etc., should be washed off and dried out completely before storing them.

Pack Everything

Once you have everything sorted and cleaned, it’s time to pack things securely. It’s generally better to use plastic storage bins than cardboard, but whatever you use, you want to ensure the boxes and bins are clean and in good condition.

You’ll also want to use things like garment bags for clothing items. Just do what you can to protect your belongings.

Keep Track of What You Packed

As you pack summer items away, be sure to track what’s going into storage. Otherwise, it's easy to forget, and you may have trouble relating to items. You can keep a spreadsheet, use an app, or just write things down. Whatever works best for you!

Stack Things Neatly

Finally, as you put the items into your storage container, organize everything as neatly as you can. Stack boxes with heavier items on the bottom. If you have bigger items, like furniture, be sure to cover them with tarps or sheets.

If you pack up the storage unit in an organized manner, it will be much easier to take your summer items out and rotate other belongings once spring comes.

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